Corporate and Personal Tax Returns

Wondering what we need in order to prepare your corporation’s annual financial statements and income tax returns, or your personal income tax returns?


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Following is a checklist that can be used to ensure you have gathered all the necessary information for us to complete your personal income tax return:


  • T-4 slips (salaries and wages)
  • T-4A slips (pensions, CPP, OAS and other)
  • T-4E slips (unemployment insurance benefits)
  • T-5/T600 slips (interest and dividends)
  • T-3 slips (estates, trusts and mutual funds)
  • Rental income and expenses, sale of your principal residence or other property
  • Self-employment income and expenses (business, professional, farming, fishing etc.)
  • Other income (RRSP, RPP, RRIF, annuity, alimony received, interest received, WSIB, death benefits, scholarships, grants, bursaries, social assistance, etc.)


  • RRSP receipts
  • Tuition receipts
  • Union, professional dues
  • Child care expenses (S.I.N., name and address of sitter)
  • Fees paid for adopting a child
  • Moving expenses
  • Donations
  • Medical expenses
  • Education deduction slip T2202 (self or dependent, signed by dependent as permission to transfer credit)
  • Employment expense form T2200 or TL2 (signed by employer)
  • Other deductions (carrying charges, safety deposit box, investment council fee, interest, alimony paid)
  • Political contributions
  • Amount of property taxes paid in the year
  • Receipt for rent paid in the year showing to whom paid and address


  • Income tax instalments, final statement indicating total for the year
  • Notice of assessment for the previous tax year
  • Investment transaction summaries (including mutual fund statements & brokers’ statements)


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  • Bank statements for the final month of your fiscal year and the first month following the year end
  • Bank reconciliation at year end
  • Listing of aged accounts receivable by customer
  • Inventory listing or amount
  • Investment statements for the year
  • Invoices for major capital asset additions in the year
  • Listing of aged accounts payable by vendor
  • Bank debt and other long-term loan statements at year end
  • Federal and Provincial income tax notice of assessments
  • Federal and Provincial income tax statements of account for the most recent date
  • Copy of final GST & PST (if applicable) returns for the year
  • Copies of insurance invoices for the year
  • Backup of Quickbooks file (if applicable) (indicate username and password)